Thursday 14 August, 2014

Zaakir (Jurassic 5) aka Fullee Love & Producer Burt Blackarach talk about the forthcoming E.P

Hey guys it’s so wonderful to talk to you and it was great to be a part of your first solo London date! Exciting times. If I remember right the last time you were in London was in June at The Academy, where you did an amazing sold out concert with Jurassic 5. What do […]

Hey guys it's so wonderful to talk to you and it was great to be a part of your first solo London date! Exciting times. If I remember right the last time you were in London was in June at The Academy, where you did an amazing sold out concert with Jurassic 5. What do you like the most about playing in Brixton?

FULLEE LOVE: The energy that the people bring. At 5000 heads (give or take), to have that many people on the same page is something to see.

 BLACKARACH: Unbelievable to be in the same building where P.E did their legendary concert. Every single person was excited to be there and scream for J5.

We've heard the E.P preview it's Dope dope dope! Can you tell us how the Fullee Love/Burt Black collaboration come about?

BLACKARACH: I've always loved Soup's flow and knew how talented he was. Dope voice. Our taste is very similar in lots of ways. We're both Funk, soul, rock, r&b etc... babies who grew into strictly Hip Hop Teenagers.  As we stated working together it felt pretty natural. I believe at that point we recognized we got something here. Let's see where we can take it.

FULLEE LOVE: The Fullee Luv project has actually been in effect for a while now lol.  It came about, from DJ Burt wanting to work wit me and extending his hand. And it's good to have someone who thinks enuff of u, to want and try to create along side of you.

What was the track you had the most fun doing?

BLACKARACH: Heartbreak or Ain't nothing Baby.

FULLEE LOVE: The song called "Heartbreak"

The most challenging track?

FULLEE LOVE: Nothing really felt to challenging for me, because I came in with no expectations…And that's how i plan to leave. The only pressure is to not over think it 2 much (u know)

BLACKARACH: For me there's one we're working on now. It's so close. It's missing one thing I can't put my finger on.

Soup, why have you decided to change your name to Fullee Love? Is it just for this project or is it here to stay?

FULLEE LOVE:  The Fullee Luv name change is strictly for this project. It's totally apart from any J5 connections. When I'm doin J5 it's Zaakir/ Soup.. But when it's Fullee Luv.. It's alllllllllll love !!!

 What do you think about Hip Hop at the moment?

FULLEE LOVE: What I think about Hip Hop right now:

That's a tuff question, I'm not really a super fan of the music as of now, sometimes there's song that comes along i dig.. But what's the "it" thing ?.. i couldn't tell u.

BLACKARACH: The movement is discombobulated.  There's so much of it in many different forms. It's hard to find what you're looking for if you're fortunate to even know what you like. The music that's being force fed is unfortunate. It's LCD. Lowest common Denominator approach.  There are a lot of gems out there. You have to find them. Which is tough because who wants to do research to find enjoyment.

All that being said. We are witnessing the renaissance of the art form. It's been growing for a few years and I see the future with more of the classic hip hop feel and lots of B-boys and girls.

  What's artists are you listening to?

 FULLEE LOVE: I listen to some of everything, no recent favourite. I just listen.

BLACKARACH: I'm all over the place. Mystro, Ty, DJ Nu-Mark, Kanye's Twisted Dark Album. A lil J.Cole, Meek Mil. AR-AB.Timberlake, Daft Punk, Joelle Ortiz, Damian Marley, John Tejada, Beatles. My own music......!

Is there any advice you want to give to the new up and coming artists?


There's no advice, things are so different. The rules have changed dramatically, and folks can literally do an album in their kitchen now. I should be asking them, what's their secret lol

I need the advice now !!

BLACKARACH: Find a passion. Find something that tickles your soul. Focus on that. If you become the best you can chasing your passion, you'll be amazed and the opportunities you see on the journey. Everyone can't be a star to the whole world. But everyone can be a star in their own world.

There's always someone you who will admire you if you are true to yourself.

 You both have extensive pedigree in music, specifically Hip Hop, what has been your career highlight so far?

FULLEE LOVE: Being able to touch and go places, I'd never thought I'd see. Selling out a spot like Brixton, getting a gold recording.. I could go on and on lol…But i'll spare you.

BLACKARACH: I've had several moments of disbelief. Working with The Temptations, Public Enemy,KRS-One, Aerosmith. Are you kidding me?  I have a Grammy Plaque! That is pretty amazing.  There's a few shows i've done that felt like a divine intervention was going down. One was on a Indian Reservation. Felt like time froze.

 Harder than you think was a big tune here as the theme song for the Paralympics and you mixed it! Has Hip Hop always been your main focus and what other projects do you have on the horizon?

BLACKARACH: I love that ‘Harder Than you Think’ record. As soon as it was played to me we knew it was dope. Believe it or not we released the How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul Album in 2007. It's took 5 years for it to mean something. There's alot of really good music on that album. That's why I love music. You never know when it's gonna touch somebody soul.

I'm working on a collaborative effort with a few European artist. It's tentatively titled at the moment. There's so many amazingly talented artist in the UK. The list of artist i've met with and hope to record is special indeed. I feel these artist get what hip hop is all about.

This has been quite a year for you Fullee, reuniting with Jurassic 5, touring the world to sold out shows, doing your first SOLO e.p, a collaboration with Mark 7seven. What is next for you as a Solo Artist/any J5 projects on the horizon?

Whats next for me...

Is to continue to do music and just enjoy it. As far as J5... It's open , we're just playing it by ear and eventually something will come up.. I don't know WHEN.. But something.

Mr Blackarach?

BLACKARACH: I love deep house music. I got a serious itch and made 3 albums worth of material. The 1st  album is titled " Always Bet On Black". I'm gonna release it 1st quarter 2014. I’m very proud of this album.

Thanks again for talking to us.

BLACKARACH: Our pleasure. Thanks for being so nice and a pleasure to see you in London. Lookout UK here we come.


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