Charities we work with


 Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. They have saved millions of lives through groundbreaking work into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. People’s chances of surviving cancer have doubled in the last 40 years, and Cancer research UK has been at the heart of that progress. More than one in three of us will get cancer at some point and cancer tragically touches all of us in some way or form. Cancer Research UK’s vital work, funded entirely by the public, will help ensure that millions more people survive. 
2011 celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Kidney Research UK with advances in kidney research over half a century 47,000 people in the UK are alive today who would otherwise have died from renal failure, and worldwide, millions can be treated for this ‘silent disease’.As the charity has grown, so has their commitment to research. In more recent times, from 1985, they have invested £44 million in vital research projects. The main impact has grown to the extent that they now work in over 30 centres of excellence and have supported over 650 research grants, studentships and fellowships.