UNIFUNK is a collection of media professionals focusing on delivering to the young and alternative positive messages in music and the arts projects. Through a recognition that there is no greater medium than music and the arts for bringing a diverse group of people together and inspiring communities. We advocate our new innovative projects to inspire a funky, fresh and cutting edge market.

 Our aims: Sitting on the borders of the mainstream and underground our main objectives are to fuse cultures and build bridges in music and the arts through projects tailor-made for artists, organisations and charities with an aim to reach and affect the next generation of cutting edge. We work with non-profits, start-up companies, established companies, internationally renowned artists and upcoming talent who make music that inspires positive thinking to beyond disenfranchised communities. We aim to reach young people searching for inspiration and information to reach their potential.

 Creating a global awareness and exchange through projects and information Through using our worldwide network over the last twenty years in the mixed media industries, we work in partnership with national and international renowned talent, private individuals, organisations and worldwide charities. We have presence in London and Los Angeles through our US partner Walk Talkin.

 Community benefits UNIFUNK profits made from charitable focused projects will be used to fund community development work within youth programs in enterprise, music and the arts.

Artist Management, Talent Agency, Event Production, Marketing and PR, Creative Projects, Consultancy and Management including Creative Direction, ideas and concepts.